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Do not have a Tax Account Number (TAN) - Request now !

This facility is available to taxpayers who are filing their individual income tax return for the first time and they do not have a TAN.

This facility is currently available for individual taxpayers only.

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MRA Taxpayer Portal leaflet

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Please use your username and password to log in into the MRA taxpayer portal to

  • Edit your taxpayer profile.

  • View your tax filing obligations and recent years returns.

  • View your transaction history including status of a refund/repayment.

  • See your current tax position anytime anywhere.

 Trouble Logging In?
  • User ID for taxpayer is Tax Account Number (TAN).

  • Passwords are case sensitive.

  • Field marked with * are mandatory.

  • In case you have forgotten your password, please enter your User ID and then click on Forgot Password.

  • To change your password, log in using your TAN and Password and go to menu Taxpayer Profile and choose menu Change Password.

  • To retry payment via Credit Card or Mobile phones, log in using your TAN and Password and go to menu e-Payments.

  • When using password your income tax form will be pre-filled with your information actually available at the MRA.

  • The taxpayer has the right and duty to add, modify or delete any or all figures.

  • Pre-filled return is a service provided by MRA only to facilitate the taxpayer.

  • The responsibility to make a correct and complete return remains on the taxpayer as per law.

  • Please note that for security reasons this system has been implemented with a timed session expiry. If you do not use the system for a prolonged period of time, you will receive a "Session Expired" notice and you will be prompted to log out. This time period has been set for 30 minutes. If you expect to be away from your desk, please ensure that you save your current work. You should, however, once you have logged in, not leave this system unattended.